DARKSOULS Ana has always been the only one. Asunder. Apart. But after Templedark, when many residents of Heart were lost forever, some hold Ana. Get Free Read & Download Files Asunder Jodi Meadows PDF. ASUNDER JODI MEADOWS. Download: Asunder Jodi Meadows. ASUNDER JODI MEADOWS. asunder jodi meadows pdf. Jodi Meadows lives and writes in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, with her husband, a cat, and an alarming number of ferrets.

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There were still a few times when I didn't like her—mostly when she talked about her "inability to love"—but overall she was much better; she was a character fighting for an important cause. She took action and stood up for herself. She had big dreams and aimed to make monumental changes in the society. She wasn't perfect, but it was nice to see her out there fighting rather than lurking in the shadows. What I liked most about Asunder was the mystery element. Ana was very clearly working towards a goal: she aimed to make change and uncover truths.

Her goal was much more focused in this book than in Incarnate, where she simply wanted to learn about her origins. In Asunder , Ana works towards forming alliances, doing research, gathering information, and uncovering mysteries. This clear focus made the story really intense and quick to read! I think the pacing was better in this book as well. There weren't any long, drawn out periods if inaction, or long periods where Ana was doing nothing but attending lessons and learning music.

There were a few, but they were mostly short and fit in with the story. For most of the book, important things are happening—things that will keep you interested and engaged in the plot! It's really fun to sit there and speculate because Jodi arranges it in a way that you have no idea who to trust. I do have to admit that the end isn't really as big of a twist as I was hoping for.

I kind of wanted to be caught off guard with the big reveal of who was behind everything. She still loves music, she still plays and goes to lessons and she is still with Sam.

Tho she does suddenly develop a connection to Slyth which did not seem logical to me, first they chase her and burn her and now they are her friends? Did I miss something? Next we have Sam, oh my God he is boring. Like the most boring character ever created. And of course there are some friends which at this point I don't even know if they are friends anymore.

It's a little bit confusing. Obviously Ana and Sam. A forbidden love cliche. Really really not interested in their romance. I wish Ana would develop some feeling for somebody else just to give some spice to this romance.

I like the history to be honest. I hate stupid people and dealing with stupid characters is really a problem for me.

Also there were no dragons. It was alright but it was rally missing a spark. I will be trying to talk myself into reading the final book this or next month but I would not invest in the series from the beginning again.

Nov 22, Kathleen Peacock rated it it was amazing. Incarnate was a compelling glimpse into a newsoul struggling to understand her existence in a world where humans were perpetually reincarnated. In Asunder, that world is starting to crack. To the citizens of Heart, each newsoul represents a true death, and while some try to see them as people in their own right, others view them as invaders, a plague sent in retribution for their failure to worship the god Janan.

In Incarnate, Ana had to struggle to find her place. In Asunder, she has to fight for the safety of each newsoul as violence and betrayal sweep Heart. The Newsoul trilogy has been called dystopian; in Asunder, readers find out why. To protect the newsouls, Ana must delve further into their origins.

In doing so, she uncovers the terrible truth behind Janan and discovers a five-thousand-year-old secret that will leave her questioning the people she cares about most. I was a beta reader on Asunder. An ARC was provided by the publisher after I begged and pleaded.

Nov 05, Alexa rated it it was amazing Shelves: First Thoughts: Originally posted on the blog Asunder did not suffer from the rumoured "second book syndrome" or "sophomore slump"at all - that much I can guarantee. Like another second book in a series that I loved, I thought Asunder was well-written: It was interesting to see what had and had not changed for Ana after the craziness that ensued in the last book.

She had proven that she had a role to play in helping the citizens of Heart, but at the same time, the stark difference between her as a newsoul and them as reincarnated souls was even more pronounced.

Watching her deal with the various reactions to her status - friendship or civil tolerance or curiosity or absolute enmity - was a struggle to me, as I really just wanted her to find her place among the people. The treatment of Ana in this book is a lot harsher than in the first, and it was so, so hard not to want to swoop in and save the day and protect her.

Not only did Ana have to deal with other people, she also had to deal with her own self. Like most people, Ana had doubts about her own self-worth and even her very existence. Most of these feelings and thoughts came from the classical conditioning that she had grown up with, but of course, it didn't help to be in a place where she was the first of her kind and had to figure everything out for herself.

It was heartbreaking, anger-inducing and tear-inducing to watch what she had to go through. But by the end of the book, I was proud of her, mistakes and doubts and all, and looking forward to seeing what she decides to do next. He earned the distinction with his swoon-worthy musical capabilities and genuine feelings for Ana in the first book, and this second one has just solidified my feelings for him.

He's as patient, and talented, and swoon-worthy, and kind as he is in the first one, only this time, he has to invest more effort and time into figuring out how to handle his relationship with Ana. Though he is by no means perfect at handling the relationship and stumbles once or twice, I thought it added an extra charm and innocence. Plus, there is a whole lot more going on with Sam and Ana in this book.

Real relationships are the ones that can survive through the rockiest or craziest of conflicts. Sam and Ana were certainly put to the test in Asunder, and my opinion is that they totally passed and with flying colors too! They faced some of the most difficult things in this book, including their own personal problems, but they somehow managed to keep it together in spite of it all. Apart from the romance, there was definitely a lot more new information we discover about Heart, its people and the magical creatures they often encounter.

I'm incapable of saying any more about this without spoiling the book, so all I can say is that what Jodi Meadows has created and revealed in this book - well, it's a doozy! I'm obviously a huge fan of this series, and I definitely enjoyed reading Asunder. While I was initially worried the book would not have the same effect as its predecessor, I am happy to report that I was proven incredibly, incredibly wrong. Asunder had me feeling every single thing and falling in love with Ana's story and yes, Dossam too all over again.

Jan 05, Harmonyofbooks rated it it was amazing. O sayfalardaki heyecan da soluksuzdu. Jun 28, Julie rated it it was amazing Shelves: First of all, Jodi Meadows has this fantastic way of making readers consider the morals of reincarnation.

One million souls who become experts in their area of specialty vs. It's a question you have to wonder about in a story like this and I think Jodi has done a tremendous job trying to tackle that question throughout the first two books, and I'm betting the fantastic continues into the next.

Then there's the char So. Then there's the characters. They grow and change and learn so much. Everyone besides Ana has been alive for thousands of years, yet many of them are becoming someone new, someone they've never been before. It's remarkable to imagine people who have been the same, or very similar, for so long suddenly becoming different, all thanks to Ana. Strong, clever, and oh so kind Ana. It's hard not to love her. She's naive at times and make mistakes, but she learns fast and is always improving herself.

And Sam. Oh Sam. Pardon me while I swoon? Sam continues to be an incredible love interest in Asunder. Y'all will find him. The relationships in Asunder are complex and wonderful and changing.

Friendships are growing stronger. Some reveal their true nature. Every relationship evolves in some form and each is significant to the story as a whole. It's always lovely when each part of a book is super important, you know? Then there is the story itself, where every piece falls into place, entwining perfectly. It's pretty much everything I can ask for in a book.

See a Problem?

And do I even have to talk about the perf of the writing? I've mention that she weaves an incredible story and introduces a very interesting, complex topic to consider. But she also has such a way with words that I can picture the world really well. I can see it all in my head and it makes sense and I feel like I'm in the story. I'm always utterly swept away and entranced by her words. If you haven't read Incarnate, why are you reading this anyway? Go download your copy and rejoice in its beauty.

If you have, make sure you pick up Asunder today. This is NOT a sequel that disappoints. Apr 25, Lindsay rated it it was ok. The second book was slightly more interesting than the first, but still felt drawn-out and slow.

I mainly only read this because I like finishing stories that I start so I guess I'll read the next one when it comes out in or whenever.. However, Ana was still a very annoying protagonist. It turns out she was right handy , but the whole plot seemed really random in rela The second book was slightly more interesting than the first, but still felt drawn-out and slow.

It turns out she was right handy , but the whole plot seemed really random in relation to the first book. Ya, Ana felt queasy about the walls in the first book but even in the first few chapters of the second book she has suddenly made it her purpose in life to stop Janan. Ok, great. Another common plot point is the fact that Ana is soooooooo much younger than Sam.

Hey Ana, you're a baby! You're so so so so young compared to us. We're years old! Oh no Ana, I don't know if I can be with you after all Oh and everyone still hates me, boo-hoo I'm so misunderstood. Oh and I can't say the word "love" because it creates more drama and angst. Also random past-life love interest for Sam is introduced for the sake of drama as if Stef wasn't enough - she continues to bitch about Ana and Sam's relationship throughout the book.

At least the author didn't make it into a love triangle with Ana in the middle. To top it all off the author probably used the word "asunder" like 50 times throughout the whole book. We get it, the book is called Asunder. You made your point Still wouldn't recommend this series to people. It's sort of a vague I want to know how the story ends but don't really care about the characters at all kind of state.

Oh well. I am using a general review for all three books - just a side note though I was a bit hesitant to read this series with the conflicting ratings but I tried it anyhow and MAN - OH MAN was I so freaking happy that I gave this shot because this series is one of my favorites so far of This was such a unique story line and so thought out I am using a general review for all three books - just a side note though This was such a unique story line and so thought out that I am amazed with Ms.

Meadows and her writing abilities! I fell in love with Ana and Sam especially Sam and all their friends I found myself on an adventure of trying to fit into a society of old souls and then trying to understand this new soul. Through the series, I was constantly holding my breath in anticipation of what was going to happen next to our group of supporters of Ana.

I just can't say enough about this series and urge you to give it a shot! Jun 26, Anna Reads rated it it was amazing. We all know book two in a series is basically when authors torture their readers. I usually end up throwing books twos across the room or stomping away angry at the end. And I was worried coming into this one. Sure, Asunder has it's fair share of despair I loved it. Mar 11, Arooj rated it really liked it Shelves: A beautiful installment in the Incarnate series.

The concept is just so unique and exciting. I never know what to expect. And there were many surprises in this book.

A few parts were kind of uninteresting and slow but overall, I really liked this book. Also, the cover is breathtaking. I look forward to the third and last book!

Nov 28, Caitlin Smith rated it really liked it Shelves: This was a solid sequel to Incarnate and I really enjoyed it! Asunder picks up not too long after the events of Incarnate and I really liked where this book took the story.

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Character wise, I love Ana! She fights for what she believes in, the protection of Newsouls, and she became a leader. Also, her relationship with Sam was so cute and a lot more developed compared to This was a solid sequel to Incarnate and I really enjoyed it!

Also, her relationship with Sam was so cute and a lot more developed compared to during Incarnate. The two of them together are so enjoyable and Sam is a lovable sweetheart. One thing that Jodi Meadows has really succeeded with in this novel is the amazing world. It is so intriguing and as the story has gone on, the world has become more and more developed and so many questioned have been answered. We learned why people reincarnate and how it all came to be and it was so good or bad, depending how you look at it Overall, I really enjoyed this book!

This story is so entertaining and I love the characters and world! Jul 16, Jeannette Nikolova rated it did not like it. This is my th book. And it's crap. I usually like reading something good at memorable numbers.

So sad. It has become apparent to me that I am a masochist of the highest order. I have no idea why I keep reading this dreadful series. But I do. And what I got from "Asunder" is: The majority of the book was the romantic, love-sick ramblings of Ana the retard.

Do they hate me now? Do I hate them? Wait, was Sam a dude or a chick back then? Oh, lookie, he was a she and she was a fattie. Are you serious? I'm depressed now. Sep 22, Jessica Valdez added it. I honestly can't wait for May 17, Ari marked it as to-read.

The effect worked perfectly on the first one, but here.. I'm in between, going back and forth between liking it and not as much as the first one. Can't wait for the book though: Dec 02, Hayley rated it really liked it Shelves: Incarnate is one of my favourite covers ever, this one is kind of ugly Jul 02, Kayla rated it liked it.

I fairly enjoyed this, I love stories that follow reincarnation but with this one I'm struggling to really get into this series. You guys, this book totally needs to come with a warning on it: I was so not ready for "Asunder" and everything that goes on in it.

But you know what? That was a good thing. Everything I loved about book one only gets stronger in book two - so much so that I feel like Meadows finally knows her world and her characters really, really well, and has a grasp on everything at last. She's grown a lot in between these two books 4.

She's grown a lot in between these two books, and it really shows. If you've read "Incarnate", you simply must continue your journey with Ana, Sam, and the rest in "Asunder".

Okay, so we more or less pick up right where we left off - after what's now being called "Templedark", or the final events that happened in book one. Things are pretty hectic - no one's sure if those lost that night will be reincarnated, and everyone's casting the stink eye at Ana or nearly everyone as a scapegoat. Everything is so clean and tightly written in this book, it leaves no holes, no areas for weakness, nor any for a wandering of your attention span.

I feel like Meadows really grew in all of the technical areas of things - plots, arcs, character building, worldbuilding, all of it. But what perhaps gets expanded the most in this book alongside character development is the worldbuilding - we learn so much in this book that I wish we'd had a bit more of in book one in terms of history - how Heart really came to be, and the reincarnation cycle, as well as the other quasi-sentient creatures in the area particularly, phoenixes and sylphs have affected the development of Heart and its people.

None of this is found through easy methods - there is a lot of pain in this book, but it's spent well in order to find out more about Heart and the world around it, mystical as it may be. Meadows' sensory imagery here is some of her best yet - anything she described, it felt real. Startlingly so. Meadows also cleverly inserts a new character, Cris, and kind of sticks more toward the relationship web school of worldbuilding - that is, building a world more through the main cast and how they relate to each other.

Cris was a goldmine of information, but it had to be worked for. But even for a more minor character who relates in a big way to Ana and Sam, he's very solid, very sturdily built with a more or less complete history of how he relates to everyone, which kind of unfolds as a sub-plot throughout the book. It was nice to see how Meadows worked him in, and I hope to see more of that in book three.

But perhaps what I loved about this book the most was its focus on a topic near and dear to my heart: When Sam, Stef, and Cris talk about their lifetimes, they openly talk about how they weren't the same gender they are now. It isn't couched in shame or bullying or suicide the way it is in most YA lit, it simply just IS. It exists as a fact of the reality for the million souls living in Heart - you won't be the same gender each lifetime, and because of that, you should probably keep around clothing so that when you come back next time, you'll have something to wear regardless.

It's risky to talk about because right now, it's the new frontier in terms of sexuality and development, and due to the lack of information or correct information , it can freak people out to the point of hate crimes.

So the fact that we have one book talking about it at all in a positive way? That's a win for me. That being said, the love rhombus is very interesting this time around.

We find a lot more out about some of the more minor cast characters from book one, and how it's going to affect things this time around. There's a lot of pain and feels going around for everyone here, especially in this romantic arena.

She pulled it off so well that all I could do was sit back and read how it all played out. The rest of the technical areas character development and plot were so well done and flawless, I'm not even going there. I don't have to. Gorgeously wrought, but not easy to read because all of those feels getting hit repeatedly. Final verdict?

If you haven't started this series, what are you waiting for? Definitely one of my picks for best of so far, "Asunder" is out now from HarperTeen in North America.

Trust me. You need to read it. Actual rating 4. Meadows describes everything so detailed that you can picture everything right in your head. The beautiful words that she wrote were raw and perfect.

Even the way Meadows described the sylph, I was able to picture exactly how she described it! I felt a deep connection with Ana because her attention to detail really got to me. I felt so horrible for Ana with the way she was treated towards almost everyone. They treated he Actual rating 4. They treated her as if she were a pariah when really she was just like them.

It was so good that I had an emotional roller coaster with this book. I had to read it in sections because if I didn't I was going to hurl the book at the wall! The people in the book were so cruel to Ana. They threw rocks at her, hit her, called her terrible names you couldn't fathom. They acted so inhumane to her that they acted more like the monsters they claimed she was. I wanted to go in the book, protect Ana, and do the same to those people what they did to her!

I loved Ana in this book even more so than the first book, Incarnate. Here she is coming to terms that she is a Newsoul.

With the horrible deaths of some of the old souls in Templedark, now there are Newsouls being born like Ana. Ana feels in her heart she has to protect them because no one else will. With courage, she began to form alliances with her friends to make laws to protect the Newsouls.

She may be new, yet she had a strong, determined personality that made me root for her. She knew how and when to stand up for herself with out arguing, and I believe that made her a confident main character.

In Asunder, we get more answers from the first book. It answered questions as to who and what Janan is. Asunder answered the question as to why the Old Souls kept reincarnating, and why there weren't any New Souls being born.

I'm so glad that many questions were being answered because I think that would have left me more frustrated had they not been answered.


The friendships that Ana made and kept was a breath of fresh air. Although most of the people hate her, there were some friendships that remained, and some new ones that she encountered. I liked that she made a friendship with the new boy Cris because the pages did not feel with so much hatred. Cris is different, odd, but very wise and friendly. He played a huge role in this book. It was a bit awkward at first since he used to be Sam's ex-girlfriend, but that didn't make him hostile toward Ana in the least.

I also enjoyed the friendship that blossomed more when Lidea had a New Soul baby named Anid. Since she had a new baby, they were able to become closer, forming a bond to help protect the innocent ones. They were evil, sinister human beings that didn't care who got killed as long as Ana was dead in the process. They got me so enraged at times that I had to stop and take a break from reading, or else I was seriously going to scream.

I know it was the mother instincts in me that got me mad, but they were seriously some hurtful, spiteful people. Along with hurting Ana, they also hurt other people in the process just to prove a point that Ana did not belong in their city. I really hope they get what's coming to them! Ana and Sam's relationship took a back burner in this book. It's not a bad thing since they are concentrating on fighting a war. I just felt that he should have been there for her more, or listened to her better.

Like all relationships, we hit a stale mate, and that's what happened to them. I felt Sam needed to grow more of a back bone to help support Ana.

He didn't seem as understanding of her as he was in the first book, and I missed that from them. Their chemistry fizzled slightly, but I still felt their love for each other.


I hope they are able to work things out in the final book. This book was a really good follow up to Incarnate and I really recommend this series. It's a very different fantasy series compared to most out there, yet I still loved it!

The second book takes on more of a serious role, therefore leaving less of the romance out. I still enjoyed it with its magical lyrics despite all the hatred that consumed this book.Ana makes it her mission to prevent NewSouls from having the same awful childhood that she had. Still wouldn't recommend this series to people.

Jodi Meadows is a master of stories! This book definitely does not suffer from middle book syndrome. And it's crap. She had big dreams and aimed to make monumental changes in the society.

Even the way Meadows described the sylph, I was able to picture exactly how she described it! And of course there are some friends which at this point I don't even know if they are friends anymore. Every relationship evolves in some form and each is significant to the story as a whole.

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